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 In this Pages, It is introduced about the principal species of Japanese freshwater gobies, "Bouzu-Haze"s,  "Yoshinobori"s and so on.

Japanese word "Haze" means goby and gudgeon.  "Bouzu" means a priest itself or a close-cropped head.  Then, "Bouzu-Haze" means the gobies which do not like meat foods (like to eat greens) or which have round head.

The word "Yoshi" means a reed.  "Nobori" means a climber.   Then, "Yoshinobori" means the gobies which often climbs a vertical cliff (like a reed stalk).


* "Bouzu-Haze" kind (Sicyopterus )  * "Yoshinobori" kind (Rhinogobius )
  Bouzu-Haze     Gokuraku - Haze
  Ruri Bouzu-Haze     Shima Yoshinobori
  Foreign Ruri Bouzu-Haze     Kawa Yoshinobori
  Mountain Rock Goby     Ruri Yoshinobori
      Tou Yoshinobori(some Groups)
* "Aka-Bouzu-Haze" kind (Sicyopus )     Oh Yoshinobori
  Aka Bouzu-haze          Hira Yoshinobori  NEW !!
  Kaeru-haze     Kuro Yoshinobori  
  Ripstick Goby     Kibara Yoshinobori  
      Aya Yoshinobori 
* "Yoroi-Bouzu-Haze" kind (Lentipes )     Aobara Yoshinobori
  Yoroi Bouzu-Haze      Yoshinobori from Taiwan    
  Indonesian Yoroi Bouzu-Haze     Chinese Yoshinobori(1)
      Chinese Yoshinobori(2) 
* "Nanyou-Bouzu-Haze" Kind (Stiphodon )    
  Nan-you Bouzu-Haze        
  Hayase Bouzu-haze        * "Chichibu" Kind (Tridentiger )
  Konteri Bouzu-haze          Nagano-Gori
  Blue-Moon Bouzu-Haze         Numa Chichibu 
  Orange-fin Bouzu-Haze  
  Niji-iro Bouzu-Haze    
  Bouzu-Haze from Saipan    * "Uki-Gori" Kind (Gymnogobius )
  Bouzu-Haze from New-Caledonia            Ukigori    
       Shima Ukigori
* "American-Bouzu-Haze" Kind (Sicydium )        Sumi Ukigori
  North and South American Bouzu-Haze  
      * Others, Foreign Goby species
* Gudgeon kind           Hina - Haze     
   Tametomo-Haze           Tanekawa - Haze       
   Tanago-Modoki           Minami-Haze from Saipan
   Peacock Gudgeon           Eso-Haze sp.  
   Pastel Gudgeon  
   Crazy Fish  
   Ecuador Gudgeon  
   Australian Gudgeon  
   Purple Spot Gudgeon  
   Red Spot Gudgeon  


The references which was helpful to me in creating this pictorial pages. 

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