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Freshwater Goby Museum is the site for many interests, impressions and discoveries of freshwater gobies which has various individuality and beautiful appearance.


Last Updated : 2013/6/23

 * A monthly essay about gobies is updated in "Some diary" corner ! (in Japanese)

 * A weekly diary about my aquarium is updated on Twitter ! (in Japanese)


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Knowing The pictorial exposition pages of the representatives of  Japanese freshwater gobies.   
Watching The beautiful appearance of the gobies, pics from friends, interesting behaviors, breeding reports, and so on.   
Filming The YouTube movies of  interesting behaviors and  habits of the gobies.  NEW !! 
Thinking Thinking of catching and keeping nature gpbies. Sorry, Japanese only... 
Keeping Sorry, Japanese only...
Photo BBS Please write in !!  Drawing on pic is also possible.
Visiting River The site-author, Taro's river tour documents.  
TT Goby Style Freshwater goby design items.(T-short...and so on. Sorry, Japanese only...) 
Some diary The site-author, Taro's diary. (In Japanese.....) NEW !!
Links Sorry, the comments are Japanese only.
Extra Other than gobies and fish, other creatures.   Sorry, the comments in this page are Japanese only.
   更新履歴 (Sorry, Japanese only) Updated process.
   自己紹介 (Sorry, Japanese only) Profile of the site-author, "Taro". 
   メール Sending a mail to the site-author, "Taro".

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